Clean air information campaign begins

The Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area is preparing to implement the Low Carbon Economy Plan (PGN), which will list the investments in the low-carbon economy in the 31 municipalities of Pomerania.

The aim of the plan is to highlight the various projects which are designed to improve the state of the air in the metropolitan area. The plan is aimed at over 30 local councils found in and around Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot and considers their entire organization. The PGN will increase the share of energy provided from renewable resources; reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. The PGN also envisages the improvement of air quality in areas where acceptable levels of dust, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide have been exceeded

‘We put various activities for the benefit of individual consumers and the public sector in the document’ said Michał Glaser, Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area director. ‘These include the thermo-modernisation of buildings; modernising heating centres, expansion of gas pipelines, help in exchanges of the heat sources among individual customers or the installation of renewable energy sources and educational campaigns. Methods to promote low-carbon public transport and cycling communication are also included in the document. This document provides a real opportunity to improve the quality of life for all our residents.



All the projects included in the PGN will have an impact on the improvement of the air, and thus the quality of life of nearly 2 million inhabitants of the metropolis. The existence of the PGN will guarantee support for many investments in the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area from the Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie for 2014-2020 and the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme.