Energa to build giant solar farm

Energy provider Energa S.A. are in the process of building Poland's largest solar farm. Located on the border between Gdansk and Przejazdowo, 5km to the southeast of Gdansk city centre, it will consist of 6292 photovoltaic panels covering an area of 25,000 m2 – the equivalent of three football pitches!

The farm, which is costing almost 9.5 mln PLN, will take two months to complete and is thereafter expected to generate in the region of 1.64 MW (megawatts), enough to provide 700 homes with electricity.

However, while significantly increasing the photovoltaic share of energy in Poland (at present around 3 MW), it won't make much of an impact when it comes to the renewable energy sector as a whole. According to the Energy Regulatory Office, that currently accounts for close to 6,000 MW! 

"Our photovoltaic farm in Gdansk is more of an experimental investment and won't contribute much, in terms of either energy production or the consolidated results of the Group,” says Energa SA President, Miroslaw Bielinski. "Bear in mind, though, that photovoltaic technology is getting cheaper the fastest. For that reason we're not excluding the possibility that future investment in such farms on a larger scale could be a good idea for business. Today we're gathering valuable experience in their construction.”

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