Map of Tri-City start-ups will help find investors

The Tri-City is becoming one of the main start-up centres in Poland. For entrepreneurs from Pomerania this is extremely good news, because there are more and more investors, business friendly institutions and also local government support for innovative companies in the technology industry. More and more start-ups also contradict the stereotype of Poland as an outsourcing centre for multinational corporations.

One piece of evidence of the good conditions for start-ups in Pomerania, while also a great tool for entrepreneurs themselves, is the creation of the Tri-City Start-up Map. This initiative which can be found in the largest centres of innovation in the world, such as Silicon Valley, Israel and Berlin aims to promote young creative companies and their creators and significantly facilitate the establishment of business relationships.

Thanks to the Tri-city Map, Start-ups from Pomerania can not only identify and trace, but also find potential partners, investors, infrastructure (for example an open space type office), interesting events or institutions supporting their business.

The team at Black Pearls, the creators of the Start-up Map, are encouraging the involvement of start-ups who are still not found on the map as well seeking organisations and events that may positively affect the growth of the start-up scene in the Tri-city.

“We believe that will help attract foreign capital to the region by showing the investment opportunities in a simple way” said Wojciech Drewczyński, Director of Research and Development at Black Pearls.

The map of start-ups in Pomeranian can be found at