Social Development Committee sums up its work in 2015.

The final meeting of the Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area (OM-G-G-S) Social Development Committee in 2015 took place last week where the work of the last twelve months was summarized and there was an opportunity to address the recent issues raised by local governments.

The first part of the meeting reviewed the current work being carried out on the Strategy for the Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area 2030 project and the Strategy for Integrated Territorial Investment (ZIT). The staff of the OM-G-G-S office explained the present condition of their documents, their current status and the schedule for the next stages. Those present had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the comments of the Ministry of Development and the Marshal's Office regarding the Strategy for Integrated Territorial Investment, which is currently subject to the statutory opinion and discussion stage by both institutions.

They analysed in detail objections to the provisions relating to the three Priority Axes (OP), Regional Operational Programme for the Pomeranian Region (RPO WP): Integration (OP.6), Health (OP.7) and Conversion (OP.8), which are the focus points for the Committee. Next, there was a summary of the subject of establishing partnerships and the emergence of leaders within the Metropolitan System of Social and Professional Activation (OP.6) and a presentation of the results of consultation, supporting the process of building partnerships. The research on social exclusion and poverty was also summarised.

In the second part of the meeting Mrs Mariola Paluch, a representative of the Municipal Office in Gdansk, discussed the functions of the Education Platform - an application being used in Gdansk. This theme is important in the context of the possible dissemination of this tool for the entire Metropolitan Area, which was one of the proposals put forward as part of ZIT. Detailed information regarding the possibility of the use of the application will be available at the end of the first quarter of 2016, when the tender procedure will be carried out and the viability of the system will be known. This subject, regarding the platform, will therefore be continued in future meetings of the Commission.

Another point of the meeting was the proposal for collaboration among members of the Association under the Operational Programme Digital Poland on the development of the project "Training activities for the development of digital competency". After reviewing the terms of the competition, it was decided that there is a necessity to recognise the possibilities for the Association and the individual municipalities to meet the minimum conditions set out in the competition.

Then Mrs. Isabella Chorzelska of the Municipal Office in Gdańsk presented a proposal for the establishment of an awards for distinctive local leader. The participants agreed on the fact that the prize would be an important point to build the image of the metropolis. It was decided that the office of the OMG-GS Association will create a list of topics (categories, recipients, nominating etc.), according to which the Commission could work out specific solutions.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Piotr Wołkowiński, a representative of the Centre for Social Economy Support (OWES) "Good Job", summed up the previous meeting of the Commission, which was devoted entirely to the activities of OWES, and explained which of the conclusions and recommendations can be included in the application for the continuation of the Centre’s activity.