Who are we?

Szemud Municipality

Residents/Population: 15 386
Area: 17 691 km2
Expenditure per capita: 3 559 zł
Website: www.szemud.pl
Ryszard KalkowskiWójt Grzegorz LasowskiPrzewodniczący Rady Gminy

Lying in the centre of the Gdansk Metropolitan area, the Szemud Municipality has become an ideal place for Tri-city residents to take a break from work for the weekend or even longer.

The eastern reaches border Gdynia and are increasingly popular not only for tourists, but also for town dwellers looking for a place to live in peaceful surroundings close, but not too close, to their work places, a fact borne out by the number of new residential developments.

Characterised by its rich and unspoilt countryside, there are fine landscapes, numerous lakes and rivers coupled with an absence of heavy industry. The most interesting corners of the area are the Tri-city Country Park as well as around the lakes at Kamień, Wysoka, Otalżyno and Marchowo, all popular weekend spots for those wanting to get away from the city. If anyone wants to make the move permanent, the villages of Koleczkowo, Bojano and Karczemki are growing in size as people move to the many new flats and houses.

With respect to culture the people of Szemud are well-known for their rich Kashubian traditions and checking out a performance by local Kashubian group “Koleczkowianie” is highly recommended. If that has whetted your appetite, then a visit to the yearly Kashubian festival at Warzno is another must.