Who are we?

Town and Municipality of Pelplin

Residents/Population: 16 698
Area: 14 102 km2
Expenditure per capita: 2 732 zł
Website: www.pelplin.pl
Andrzej StanuchBurmistrz Mirosław ChyłaPrzewodniczący Rady Miasta i Gminy

The town and municipality of Pelplin are located in the southern part of the Pomeranian province in Tczew county; ethnically it is part of Kociewie.

The municipality is on the main rail and road networks with the national road A1 and main Silesia – Ports railway both close by. Here too are the headquarters of the ‘Bernardinum’ Pelplin Diocesan Publishers, who specialise in printing low- and mid-run book prints, who publish both their own books and books on license. It is currently finishing a reprint of Poland's only copy of the Gutenberg Bible which is located in the local Diocesan Museum .

The town is attractive not just because of the beautiful Cathedral Basilica and the Cistercian complex, but also because of the winding nature of the river Wierzycą and the old trees in the grounds of the Bishop’s Gardens and High Seminary. Numerous hiking and biking trails run by the municipality of Pelplin attract tourists and you to explore the many architectural remains from Gothic through Baroque and Rococo to Neo-Gothic in Rajkowo, Wielkie Garc and Lignowo.

One of the biggest events to take place on Pelplin soil was the visit of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II in 1999 since when the Bishop’s Mount which has been called ‘John Paul II Hill’.