Who are we?

Town and Municipality of Zukowo

Residents/Population: 30 501
Area: 16 404 km2
Expenditure per capita: 2 731 zł
Website: www.zukowo.pl
Jerzy ŻurawiczBurmistrz Adam OkrójLeader of the City Council

Zukowo is surrounded on the one side by the picturesque Kashubian Lake District and on the other by the centre of Metropolitan Area. Beautiful scenery, and the uniqueness of the local Kashubian culture and traditions, including its wonderful embroidery, are the main features of this 800-year-old town. Today Żukowo is experiencing a period of dynamic development thanks to its entrepreneurial population and close proximity to the city of Gdansk.

Żukowo can boast a rich history from the founding of the village in 1212, when the Duke of Pomerania funded the building of a Norbertine convent. It was here that a tradition was born that was to have special significance for Kashubian culture. The Norbertine Sisters created the Zukowo pattern in Kashubian embroidery which is characterised by a very modest design and the use of delicate shades of colour, which symbolised the simple lives that they led in the convent. This original and beautiful pattern stands as a symbol of Zukowo today and the town is promoted as the ‘cradle of Kashubian embroidery’. You can visit numerous exhibitions which display traditional embroidery which has also found its way onto the town’s coat of arms.

The location of the municipality, close to Gdansk, helps to promote the social and economic development of the municipality and makes Zukowo a gateway in the centre of the Gdansk Metropolitan Area. While it is good for the economy, the town’s location created problems for local residents, who suffered from regular traffic jams particularly in the centre of the town. The situation improved in 2012 thanks to large investments in road infrastructure with the completion of the WZ (East-West) route, the construction of the Karczemki junction (the largest in northern Poland) and also, to some extent, using the 18km Southern Ring Road (Kolbudy-Pruszcz Gdansk-Cedry Wielkie). The future will see the Metropolitan Ring Road built, after the government announced an agreement in 2012 following years of discussions and negotiation. This investment will quickly contribute to improving the situation of residents, help to develop the town economically and improve connections with Warsaw and the Hel Peninsula.

The varied terrain and scenic rivers and lakes in the municipality create a beautiful landscape. Stand out tourist attractions are the convent and church of the Norbertine order in Zukowo. Next to the convent, which still functions today, are a historic mill and bakery. Architecture lovers will be very interested in the church of St John which dates from the XVII century and the Baroque Cemetery Chapel from the XVIII century. Elsewhere the Volkswagen gallery in Pepowo is an increasingly popular tourist attraction while over the river Slupina you can see a beautiful, historic railway bridge from built in 1927.

Zukowo has created good conditions for the development of entrepreneurs, particularly family businesses. The municipality has a permanent store of protected land for the development of business and housing. Another advantage of Zukowo is the aforementioned accessibility. In 2009 Zukowo received the ‘Fair Play County – Certified Investment Location’ award, given to local authorities which care about the interests of the local community and create the best conditions for growth and investment.